Probiotic brand Actimel has debuted as a top ten soft drinks brand, reflecting a growing awareness of health and well-being among consumers.
The Britvic Soft Drinks Report showed Actimel take-home value was up 71% in 2004 while off-trade value across the board increased by just 1% to £5.1bn after one of the wettest summers on record.
Half of the top ten take-home brands, including Coca-Cola, Robinsons and Pepsi, saw their value drop, although soft drinks remained the top fmcg category and performed generally well.
In take-home, cola dominated but dropped by 3% in value, while fruit-flavoured carbonates fell 13% and lemonade fell 9%. The winners were smoothies (up 11%), adult drinks (up 20%) and dairy drinks (up 41%), driven by Actimel sales.
Actimel’s maker, Danone, said it was planning new innovations around the brand this summer.