Thankfully we live in a more tolerant age than when folk hid in kitchens making chugging noises and frothing at the mouth like a possessed Frenchman to convince guests they weren't serving instant coffee.

Yet there are categories where own label retains a stigma. You might not want Smart Price condoms, for instance, just in case.

Aldi's new ad claims, rather modestly, that it's 'Like brands, only cheaper'.

An adorable moppet, crafted by adland execs from sugar and spice, says she likes Heinz ketchup and Aldi ketchup in equal measure (one of which is, amazingly, cheaper). But, she says, she does not like "boys" presumably as she's too young, not because she's a precocious lesbian.

Can a five-year-old can tell apart rival ketchups? Maybe. At least she's growing up in a world where you don't have to decant the red stuff into a Heinz bottle to avoid the scorn of bigoted guests.

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