After a decade-long drive downmarket, Sainsbury's has far more in common with EasyJet than it once did.

Both share an orange livery based on the tans in The Only Way Is Essex. Both get upset if you urinate in the aisles. And now you can pay for EasyJet flights with Nectar points.

The ad for this Satsuma-hued partnership has a pathologically cheerful Sainsbury's cashier pelting weak travel puns at a bewildered shopper. He's probably most confused by finding someone behind the till in the first place, so obsessed is Sainsbury's with forcing its customers through the demeaning pantomime of failing to competently work its highly-strung self-service tills.

But the scheme shows Sainsbury's understands its shoppers. After a week on the morale-sapping Feed Your Family meal planner, comprising a tin of kidney beans split four ways twice a day, you'll need a holiday.

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