Who better than DI Gene Hunt to shatter the cosy complacency of an English summer garden party?

It's lucky everyone in the new Gordon's ad is white, or a race riot might have ensued.

The strapline 'Shall we get started?' is excellent. It sounds vaguely saucy, hinting at un-PC misdemeanours to come, and also appears to recognise the fact that most people see G&T as a hangover remedy before they get back on the drink again.

Star Philip Glenister, however, needs more to do. Tearing into a wine snob's pretensions is always worthwhile, but here he seems just the sort of middle-aged curmudgeon you once associated with, well, drinking gin and tonic at garden parties.

Let Hunt punch a guest, smoke a fag and call SamCam a tart. Either that or find a younger model of G&T GTi.

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