Like cats in tumble-dryers, you shouldn't put tins in the fridge.

Apparently they can oxidise and release deadly vapours that drive sane men mad, turn pets against their masters and possibly make your alphabetti spaghetti taste a bit odd.

Hence the need to keep rogue remainderz of beanz in egg cupz and Toby jugz, as depicted in the ad for fridge-friendly resealable packz of Heinz Beanz.

There's something rather chilling about the forlorn montage of abandoned beans juxtaposed with the jaunty Merseybeat score. Imagine walking on to the Mary Celeste to find Xfm playing on the galley radio.

It's only in the ad's final few frames an actual person appears. That's only a fleeting glimpse and even then, we don't see her face.

Mind you, the sort of person that keeps a thimble of baked beans in the fridge for weeks on end rather than finish the tin up in one go has plenty to be ashamed of.

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