It's not your typical luck o' the Irish that cider snatcher Darling effectively banned it the same week the new Magners ad hit screens.

It stars an 'A to B' delivery guy cycling through pensioners' bedrooms, operating theatres and driving his truck through brick walls in a bid to get his apples orchard-fresh to the Magners factory.

It twinkles with a bearable amount of quaint Gaelic charm, just about resisting the temptation to ladle on the blarney like the archetypal Irish chancer tarmacking your drive while you're down the shops.

Sure, a slogan linking booze with mental instability 'There's method in the Magners' is iffy. But amid the WKD pranksters and Strongbow bravehearts, a drinks ad that's genuinely funny is more refreshing than a wheatgrass enema.

It's just a shame the Budget means we'll all be drinking turps from now on over ice, naturally.

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