Us Brits had a love-hate relationship with Eva Longoria. Unilever loved her; everyone else hated her.

Magnum has traded up by a factor of about a billion for its new Gold ad, a richly cinematic heist movie 'trailer'.

The female lead is now more than just fake tan sprayed over chicken wire, while Benicio del Toro and director Bryan Singer climb on board for a wry reunion of The Usual Suspects.

Sure, the final twist is not in Keyser Söze territory and del Toro looks more like a leather handbag than his former fresh-faced hustler but he's got enough star power to melt a million Magnums.

Likewise, Singer's Midas touch went in a flash of red pants for Superman Returns but this cinematic Goldfinger is clearly back on form, especially after his efforts with 2008's Valkyrie.

All this classy spot lacks from his last triumph is Tom Cruise as a one-eyed Nazi. Maybe they're saving him for a new Magnum Mini ad.

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