A few weeks ago this column noted Walkers' use of men dressed as chillis to promote its Do Us A Flavour campaign - and the crisp king is at it again in the ad for its revamped Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli crisps.

Nothing screams premium as tactfully as a pretentious, over-elaborate advert, which is why the anthropomorphic veg in the latest Walkers effort are of an altogether higher class.

Out go the fat blokes in costumes that look as if they were made by their mums - in come the female contortionists on a "journey through flavour". Clad in red PVC, they back-flip their way across the screen like Britney Spears a couple of emotional breakdowns ago.

"Let chilli and basil entice," breathes a voiceover so dreamy you could call it whale song and flog it to hippies. "Let sweetness delight... and let heat thrill!"

In fairness, the colourful imagery evokes Sensations' new black packaging, while the 'Let flavour unfold' slogan has a nice ring to it.

But it's hard to escape the feeling this ad is simply a more expensive version of something we've all seen before. Rather like, you might argue, the premium crisps.