Sometimes it can be hard to let go to move on and grow as a person. Or, you know, as a brand of brightly coloured fruit chews.

For some of us, Starburst will always be Opal Fruits, however much citrus goodness its day-glo boffins mash into goo and market with a ruthlessly efficient brand of demographically calculated joy.

The over-stimulated ad for new Starburst Smoothies comes tacked on to the end of last year's scarecrow-themed spot, including a 'Tastes Like Summer' strap-line hinting at love long lost.

It's like watching your ex-girlfriend cavort with her new beau in a sunlit park (even though it features a boy and his mum) they're obviously having such fun and, on some level, you're probably happy for them. But deep down you know it just isn't right.

Remember when sweets were "made to make your mouth water"? Can't we go back to the way we were?