Remember when 'going viral' only happened to Mark Fowler and Magic Johnson? Nowadays it's a good thing, thanks to the interwebs, as Strongbow proves with its latest zeitgeist-bothering Braveheart spoof.

Previously online-only, it has now hit cinemas due to 'popular demand' i.e. the foot-stamping tantrums of its PR lackeys.

After the usual tributes to roofers and Sky installers, the cider-stained rabble-rouser hails some sharp-suited bankers - but he's at a crestfallen loss to explain their contribution to society.

The satire may be as cutting-edge as a Thora Hird retrospective, but his rallying call is still oddly moving and there's a laugh to be had when the dour City gents serenely give the finger to the legions of honest grafters.

Look forward to the gruesome final act where the workers' leader is disembowelled at Smithfield by evil Blackthorn execs.