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Bell’s Original
: £174.1m Growth: -5.3%
After impressive growth in 2010, it seems Bell’s has hit a ceiling. Last year’s £1.4m campaign, featuring an orchestra playing the theme to Beverly Hills Cop on whisky tumblers, clearly didn’t hit the right notes.

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The Famous Grouse
£153.3m Growth:+15.8%
Grouse is flying high - but success hasn’t come cheap. It splashed out £1.3m on TV ads in the run-up to last Christmas, and that’s on top of the three extensions - Black, Snow and Naked Grouse - launched in recent years to broaden appeal.

Snow Grouse - a grain blend that’s consumed cold - has lured younger drinkers to the whisky category since it hit the mults last year, says brand owner Maxxium. Black Grouse has widened the old bird’s appeal to drinkers who prefer peated whiskeys, while premium Naked Grouse is aimed at whisky connoisseurs with a bit more cash to spend.

They’ll need plenty of it if they’re going to add the new variants to their drinks cabinets. Black and Snow Grouse command an average price 15% higher than the core brand (rsp: £16.48) and Naked sells for up to £28. Care has also been taken to keep the core brand at the right price.

“We don’t want to work at a ridiculously low price that detracts from the brand,” says Maxxium marketing director Peter Sandstrom. “Of course, price and promotions are important, but generally Famous Grouse trades at a premium to brands like Bell’s.”

And Grouse is inching closer to trumping Bell’s (see below). With more brand extensions planned for 2012, next year it could be ruling the roost.

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Echo Falls
£147.1m Growth: -11.5%
A pressured macro environment in California and an exit from three-for-£10 deals has taken its toll on Echo Falls. Accolade hopes its revamped design and new Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Co-op listings will help.

14 (15)
£143.9m Growth: +10.7%
Whether it was dropping Mr Ramsay, the new ads with Emilia Fox, or the novel take on the G&T in the form of Gordon’s Elderflower Spritzer with Bottlegreen cordials, Gordon’s is doing great.

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Gallo Family Vineyards
: £140m Growth: +4.4%
This Californian wine brand has big hopes to replicate the US success of its 8.5% abv moscato here. To that end, it’s investing in its biggest-ever UK support package for one product - with print, outdoor and online ads.

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Jack Daniel’s
£114m Growth: +11%
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, rolling out now, is the brand’s first NPD for 10 years. A music platform, JD Roots, launched in March - and the JD & cola premix will have a strong presence at summer festivals.

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Carlsberg Export
£108.1m Growth: -14.7%
The lager behemoth is confident Export will benefit from the halo effect of the recent £15m marketing spend on its flagship Carlsberg brand. It certainly needs a shot in the arm to revive sickly value and volume sales.

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Jacob’s Creek
£106.3m Growth: -3.2%

Pernod Ricard says a marketing focus on premium Jacob’s Creek offerings has helped drive value growth ahead of volume. Plans include more Cool Harvest lines and the launch of Trilogy, made with three varieties, in August.

19 (19)
Bacardi Superior
£106.2m Growth: +2%
Bacardi will continue to focus marketing on its 150th anniversary. The £20m push, built around the theme of ‘It Started With A Party’, is the biggest investment ever made by the brand in the off-trade.

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Kronenbourg 1664
£96m Growth: +4.6%
With a new ad agency hired in spring, we can expect a push of fresh Kronenbourg activity soon - though owner Heineken remains tight-lipped about what direction, precisely, the brand’s future marketing might take.