91 (105)
Holsten Pils
£24.8m Growth: +20.5%

Some of Carlsberg’s brands are struggling, but the same can’t be said of Holsten. Value sales have rocketed, and a similar rise in volume sales indicates that the brand’s success isn’t just down to price inflation.

92 (124)
Wairau Cove
: £24.7m Growth: +47%

Another Tesco exclusive, Wairau Cove - with only one line, a Marlborough sauvignon blanc - has overtaken Delgat Group’s Oyster Bay in the past year to become the leading New Zealand wine brand in the mults - at least by volume.

The brand is an example of the new breed of wine that has begun coming out of New Zealand in the past few years after an oversupply led to a surge in heavily discounted sauvignon blancs exclusive to supermarkets. These wines have helped boost off-trade value sales of New Zealand wines by 12% to £309m over the past year [Nielsen 52 w/e 28 April 2012].

At the time of writing, Wairau Cove was selling in Tesco at £10.99, but had been promoted for 23 weeks out of the past 52 [BrandView.co.uk 52 w/e 28 April 2012] at an average discount of 50%. Such support has helped Wairau Cove climb 32 places up the rankings. Sales have grown to total almost half as much again as last year’s value figures.

In June, New Zealand Winegrowers said the wine grape harvest for 2012 was 18% lower than the previous year - a reduced crop that could make deep promotions on New Zealand wines such as Wairau Cove (and also, perhaps, their success) a thing of the past.

93 (NEW)
Wines from France
£24m Growth: n/a

Tesco’s Wines From France range was introduced in August 2011 to represent the classic regions and areas of France, and has clearly gone down well. The range will be trimmed and tweaked going forward.

94 (102)
Glenfiddich 12-year-old
£23.9m Growth: +12.7%

Support for Glenfiddich has centred on its £2m sponsorship of Walking With The Wounded. It has included the auction of a rare whisky to raise £44,000 and the world’s highest whisky tasting - at Everest base camp.

95 (79)
Harveys Bristol Cream
£23.7m Growth: -9.2%

Deep promotions to drive sherry volumes are unsustainable, says Harveys owner Maxxium. It hopes to rescue sales by going into trendy bars to attract a hip new crowd - and sponsoring the Ideal Home Show.

96 (76)
Villa Maria
£23.6m Growth: -12.2%

Villa Maria will be hoping its private bin lightly sparkling sauvignon blanc, launched this summer - plus its new focus on below rather than above-the-line activity - will help it recover growth this year.

97 (75)
Miller Genuine Draft
£22.4m Growth: -17.8%

Sales are down - but Miller Brands points to the strength of Genuine Draft in Scotland, where it is the second-biggest bottled lager in the off-trade [Nielsen]. An MTV sponsorship package was launched in June.

98 (95)
Bombay Sapphire
£22.4m Growth: -1.5%

The off-trade’s second-placed gin is this year highlighting its part in the ‘Ultimate G&T’ with a £1.5m push, and new balloon glassware. A spring on-pack promotion with Fever Tree tonic will be repeated in October.

99 (91)
£22.3m Growth: -2.5%

Lanson says it is outperforming the wider Champagne category. The brand, which is rolling out a slightly sweeter variant, marked its Royal Warrant Holder status with a Union Jack-wrapped bottle for the Diamond jubilee.

100 (110)
Martell VS
: £22.2m Growth: +12%

Its Art of Cognac campaign has boosted Martell’s visibility - and sales. The push will continue over the summer, with an on-pack competition offering the chance to win dinner in one of the world’s top 10 restaurants.