Heineken Green Grip multipack topper

Source: Heineken

According to Heineken, the Green Grip has saved 336 tonnes of single-use plastic to date

Heineken has rolled out an improved version of its Green Grip cardboard multipack can topper.

The topper initially launched in August 2020, replacing the need for single-use plastic can rings. According to Heineken, its introduction has saved 336 tonnes of single-use plastic to date.

A revamped, double-layered Green Grip has now been rolled out as part of a wider £14m investment across all of the business’ UK sites.

The new packaging was trialled in selected Tesco stores to stress-test its strength and stability for retailers as well as the end shopper.

It was found to be the best-performing and easiest packaging method for both retail staff and consumers to handle out of several solutions, said Heineken.

Heineken UK head of sustainability Chelsey Wroe said the business had “delivered on our pledge to eliminate plastic can rings from our packaging, whilst ensuring retail staff and shoppers are still being offered the best-quality packaging”.

Through its Brew a Better World sustainability strategy, it was “committed to innovation and continuous improvement to reduce our carbon footprint as well as eliminating waste and closing material loops”, said Wroe.

“We’re excited to introduce this new version of the Green Grip which meets our shoppers’ needs for robust and sustainable packaging.”

A spokeswoman for Tesco said it was “proud to be working alongside brands like Heineken as we look for creative solutions to the problem of plastic waste”.

Collaboration between retailers and suppliers was “essential to developing innovative packaging”, she added.