Let There Be Beer food matching

Let There Be Beer’s website provides food-matching suggestions

Having faced criticism for focusing too heavily on mainstream lager, the organisers of Let There Be Beer have promised that the campaign will evolve to include a wider range of beers.

Although the generic campaign is funded by giants AB InBev, Heineken, Carlsberg, Molson Coors and SABMiller, it pledged at launch to focus on “demonstrating the diversity of the category”.

But it has since been accused by bloggers and on social media of being biased towards the major brands, particularly in videos and a website offering beer and food matching advice. When asked to recommend beers to go with sea bass, the site suggests Budweiser (AB InBev), Foster’s and Foster’s Gold (Heineken), Coors Light (Molson Coors) and Tuborg (Carlsberg).

Beer writer Melissa Cole said the campaign was not living up to its promise: “Have they gone all out to say that all beers from a category taste the same?”

Simon McEvoy of social media agency Jam added that the major brewers seemed intent only on pushing their own products. “There is no depth or character - which real beer drinkers would love,” he added. “Also, it doesn’t lead newbies into the world of beer in a credible and engaging way.”

Let There Be Beer organisers maintained the campaign was only in its early stages and that its scope would broaden. “This is only phase one so we might not have got every bit right from the start,” said a spokesman, adding that the site would evolve and include a greater selection of ales, porters and stouts.

Beer and brewing groups associated with LTBB said it was too early to criticise. “LTBB used their own brands to get this campaign off the floor but organisers have confirmed that this is already changing,” said Camra marketing head Tony Jerome.