Majestic Wine

Majestic has recalled bottles of 2011 vintage Chablis wine.

Majestic Wine Warehouse is recalling a specific batch of Chablis wine after “elevated” levels of sulphites were found in some of the bottles.

The wine retailer has contacted customers who bought Chablis Jean Bourguignon 2011 (rsp: £8.99) to inform them that bottles from lot LA64526 should be returned to the store as they may pose a health risk for certain people, including asthmatics and people with allergies.

It said the precautionary recall was being taken due to a “quality control issue” that had identified elevated levels of sulphite in a small percentage of bottles.

It has advised consumers to check the lot number on the bottle neck and not to drink wine from the affected lot but to return bottles to the store for a full refund or replacement from the 2012 vintage (rsp: £11.99). Alternatively consumers can contact the head office to arrange for affected bottles to be collected.

The FSA has also issued a product recall information notice warning, however there is no mention of the recall on the retailer’s website. 

The affected batch has been sold in store since 15 March 2013.

Majestic Wine was unavailable for comment.