L-R Stephen Moore (director of the Molson Coors brewery in Tadcaster) Keir Mather MP and Fraser Thomson (operations director for Western Europe at Molson Coors)

From left: Stephen Moore (director of the Molson Coors brewery in Tadcaster), Keir Mather MP and Fraser Thomson (operations director for western Europe at Molson Coors)

Molson Coors Beverage Company is to invest £10m as part of a sustainability-led expansion at its brewery in Tadcaster, north Yorkshire.

The investment would take place over a two-year period and increase production capacity as well as reducing carbon emissions, the Carling owner said.

The Tadcaster brewery, which Molson Coors has owned since its own inception in 2005, employs over 100 staff and produces brews including Carling, Coors, Madrí Excepcional and Worthington’s.

News of the fresh investment came as Molson Coors neared completion of a new carbon dioxide recovery facility at the Tower Brewery.

The facility would be fully operational in early 2024 and would enable the brewer to recover carbon dioxide created during brewing for reuse in the packaging process.

“Instead of entering the atmosphere, we will soon be able to recover and transfer carbon dioxide within the brewery before it’s purified and compressed into a liquid for storage,” said the Tower Brewery’s director Stephen Moore. “From there it will be turned back into gas to be used in the packaging process, where it will be injected into the fermented product.

“This will make us more self-sufficient and play an important part in reducing our emissions,” he added.

Molson Coors transitioned to 100% renewable energy across its UK operations in 2021.

Electricity used for the more than one billion pints the brewing group makes annually in the UK comes from wind turbines less than 40 miles from the Tadcaster brewery.

The group is aiming to reach net zero for Scope 1 and 2 emissions across all UK sites by 2035.