Gin brand Pinkster is giving its bottles a new look and mounting a ‘six-figure’ push behind the brand.

Pinkster’s labels have been changed to show the tagline ‘made with real raspberries’ on its 5cl, 35cl and 70cl bottles. Meanwhile, a new campaign based on ‘the dos and don’ts of pink gin’ will roll out digitally and on PoS material including gin mats and neck tags, playing on the current vogue for pink gin.

Pinkster co-founder Will Holt said: “Real raspberries are our USP and this is now reflected more vigorously through both our packaging and advertising - we’re making a virtue of the fact that we’re a seasonal product which can only be produced during the summer cropping months.”

Recent moves into pink gin by big names such as Gordon’s and Beefeater were “music to our ears”, he added.

“With so many new entrants, there’s now something to suit all tastes, literally. This gives the trade no shortage of choice to meet escalating consumer demand.

“We’ve long encouraged people to focus on the flavour and the colour. Drink pink because it tastes good, not just because it looks Instagrammable in the glass. Our gentle, smooth and delicate flavour comes solely from our reliance on fresh fruit. No point in beating around the bush on this.”