Sales of low-alcohol wine at Asda have rocketed over the past year - thanks to a massive range extension.

The retailer said sales of its low-alcohol wine drinks - which range from 0% to 5.5% abv - were up 135% y-o-y [Nielsen 52 w/e 26 June 2012], helping it nearly double its total low-alcohol market share to 25% over the period.

Asda added nine new lines to its range in February and May, including 5.5% abv offerings from JP Chenet, B by Black Tower and Ariston Bay, helping boost sales by 65% over the past three months [Nielsen 12 w/e 26 June 2012].

Asda low-alcohol wine buyer Nick Brown said shoppers were more alcohol aware and were increasingly interested in fruity, lighter-style wines suited to outdoor occasions. “We offer a wide range of wines to meet all our customers’ needs and will continue to lead the way in expanding our low-alcohol range in line with growing customer demand,” he said.

Earlier this month, Blossom Hill entered the lower alcohol segment with Blossom Vie, a 5.5% abv wine-based drink. Its poll of 1,000 shoppers found that 63% of those who already bought lower-alcohol wine-based drinks felt the taste of existing products was average to poor [TNS Omnibus January 2012].