Stella Artois has been given a ‘sophisticated’ makeover and a smaller pack format.

The updated AB InBev brand is being rolled out now in bottles designed to add a “more elegant and streamlined” profile, with the neck label and gold trim playing homage to the brand’s chalice logo, while iconography under the Stella Artois cartouche has been incorporated throughout both bottle and secondary packaging.

The white neck label has been made easier to tear off to ensure that, when drunk directly from the bottle, lips don’t touch the paper.

Refinements have also been made to the Stella Artois can, including incorporating a gold chalice outline to “add dimension” and the brand’s signature star for a “sophisticated finish”.

The overhaul was designed to more prominently feature the lager’s “brewing expertise and rich heritage”, said senior brand manager Rowan Chidgey, adding the look and feel also celebrated the brand’s dedication to crafting “the highest quality lager for premium drinking occasions”.

The new look is being introduced alongside a 3x330ml pack format.

The changes – which coincide with the Be Legacy campaign based on moments in the lager’s history – are on-trend but uninspiring, according to Elliot Wilson, strategic director at The Cabinet.

“The brand has pared back superfluous elements, which is the current design trend in packaging,” he said.

“It’s a very competent and crafted execution, but really doesn’t take the brand anywhere new or interesting.”