Tesco wine

Sales of posh wine surged at Tesco over the past year, with the retailer reporting a 20% rise in volume sales of its top-tier Finest range.

The supermarket said sales were up on the back of shoppers “becoming more confident” when buying wine. Tesco has added about 30 extra bottles priced between £8 and £25 over the past six months, and has redesigned all its own brand wine labels with clearer wording.

Words such as ‘toasty’ and ‘nose’ had been removed to make room for clearer descriptions of “the wines’ other recognisable fruit tastes” said Tesco.

In the past year, the mult had seen “strong demand for what would be considered connoisseur wines” said its wine product developer Charlotte Lemoine.

“Spending £20 on a bottle of wine in a restaurant is not unusual,” she added. Shoppers were three times more likely to spend more than £10 on a bottle “when preparing for a special dinner or occasion at home”.