Tia Maria from Allied Domecq Rsp: £13.99 Why will it sell? Efforts to deseasonalise the brand are working. But to make sure it flies off the shelf a TV ad runs from now until Christmas and there will be saturation advertising outside multiples in the final 12 days of the year. Smirnoff Ice from UDV Rsp: £1.39 a bottle, four pack £4.99, eight pack £9.89 Why will it sell? This is the leading single brand in the fastest growing drinks category. It was one of the most successful brand launches of the 1990s and is performing ahead of the rapidly growing premium packaged spirits market. Morgan's Spiced and Plymouth Gin from Seagram Rsp £13.49 Why will it sell? These are two of the fastest growing spirits in Seagram's Ideal Brands portfolio and this added value offer will act as an additional incentive for consumers. Jacob's Creek Cabernet Sauvignon from Caxton Wines Rsp: £5.99 Why will it sell? It's wine, it's red, it's a leading single varietal and is the new addition to one of the most well known New World wine brands. It also has the benefit of a £1.4m integrated marketing campaign this autumn which includes six weeks TV advertising from November. Glenfiddich Special Reserve from William Grant Rsp: £21.99 Why will it sell? The leading malt whisky comes into its own at this time of year when infrequent purchasers head for the reassurance of the brand they know best. To ensure consumers pick it up it is being offered in a range of gift packs. These include tubes and boxed miniatures. London Pride from Fuller's Rsp: £1.69 for a 500ml bottle Why will it sell? The London brewer's flagship brand is growing faster than the rest of the premium ale market. It will be backed by TV ads in the London area and on BSkyB and a range of gift packs are also being produced. Foster's from Scottish Courage Brands Rsp: Four pack £3.45, 12 pack £8.99, 24 pack £18.99 Why will it sell? It will be one of the most highly visible standard lagers this Christmas and is backed by a £2m marketing budget for the rest of the year, which includes TV advertising. The Wine Cellars' range from E&J Gallo Rsp: £3.99-£4.99 Why will it sell? One of the leading wine brands, it is supported by a £2.5m press ad campaign running for the last quarter of the year. It accounts for 50% of Californian wine sales in the UK and is a must stock across all sectors. Caffrey's from Bass Rsp: £13.99 Why will it sell? After a brief decline the brand is back in growth helped by a price adjustment. The 12 pack is down to £13 from £15 and the four pack is under £5 and shoppers will find this newly designedcarry pack easier to take off the shelf. MM Limited Vintage Christmas Ale from Shepherd Neame Rsp: £ 1.99 for a 500ml bottle Why will it sell? The latest version of the Kent brewer's best selling Christmas ale already has widespread national listings. Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur from UDV Rsp: £16.95 (gift pack) Why will it sell? It is not a question of will it sell, but how much will it sell and and whether retailers can keep the stock on the shelves? UDV has tried to make this an all-year-round brand but sales in the week before Christmas still go through the roof. Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz from BRL Hardy Rsp: £7.99 Why will it sell? This red fizz is part of a fast growing range. The Aussies already love the style and there is no reason why it shouldn't catch on here. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}