Sparkling wine drink Vinni has launched in Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores.

As reported in The Grocer in May, the new drink from winemakers Australian Vintage comes in a 568ml crown corked bottle, and aims to compete with beer and cider to attract a new, younger audience to the wine category.

Vinni, which has just rolled out to Sainsbury’s Local and some main Tesco stores, is made from moscato grapes grown in New South Wales. Designed to be served over ice for a longer drink with less alcohol than standard wine, the carbonated 5.5% abv brand has an rsp of £3.49 and is labelled a ‘wine-based drink’.

Julian Dyer, general manager, Australian Vintage for UK and Europe, said Vinni was a response “to what we believe the market and the consumer wants.” He added that the “lighter, less alcoholic wine-based product will open up a whole new avenue for wine, appealing to younger audiences who perhaps have not tried it before.”