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Source: Aldi

Aldi is aiming to let shoppers “recreate their favourite Subway sandwiches” for half the price, with new sauces “inspired by” the fast food chain.

The discounter is introducing a range of four sauces – Sweet Onion, The Marinara, Chipotle Mayonnaise and Teriyaki Glaze – each priced at £1.79 for a 500ml bottle. They will be available in stores from 30 June as limited-time Aldi Specialbuys.

Aldi has also put together lists of other ingredients needed to complete a sandwich with each sauce, using its own products.

They include a Teriyaki Chicken Combo sandwich using an Aldi Village Bakery Metro Roll (£1.39 for four), Specially Selected West Country Butter Roast Chicken (£1.99 for 120g), Nature’s Pick Baby Plum Tomatoes (99p for 325g), Nature’s Pick Baby Cucumbers (95p for 200g), and a Nature’s Pick Red Onion (30p), plus the Teriyaki Glaze sauce.

“Shoppers can recreate the iconic sub rolls including Teriyaki Chicken Combo and Meatball Marinara Combo for a fraction of the price – saving up to 52% – using Aldi ingredients,” said an Aldi spokesperson.