Aldi store worker

Source: Aldi

Aldi is once again set to be the highest-paying supermarket, with new entry-level hourly rates for shopworkers.

From 1 July, the hourly rate for Aldi shopworkers nationally will rise from £11 to £11.40. Inside the M25, the rate will rise from £12.45 to £12.85.

Aldi’s current £12.45 an hour in London already puts it ahead of all its supermarket rivals, even factoring in rises announced for later this year.

Nationally, Sainsbury’s pays £11 an hour, matching Aldi’s current rate. Tesco pays £10.30, rising to £11.02 from next month. Asda currently pays £10.10, rising to £11 from next month and £11.11 from July.

Aldi’s new £11.40 national rate is set to exceed those rates when it comes into effect from July.

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It is the second pay rise for Aldi shopworkers in 2023 so far, having last received one on 1 January.

The £11.40 is an increase of more than 13% compared with the rate a year ago. It represents an investment of more than £100m in pay in the last 12 months and will benefit over 28,000 staff, according to Aldi.

The new rates also exceed the real living wage, set by the Living Wage Foundation, of £10.90 per hour nationally and £11.95 inside the M25.

Aldi’s rates increase further with length of service, to £12.30 nationally and £13.15 inside the M25.

Aldi also offers paid breaks.