Aldi logistics worker

Source: Aldi

The raise will benefit about 7,000 logistics workers, according to Aldi

Aldi is raising pay for workers at distribution centres, taking the starting salary for warehouse selectors to £13.18 an hour from 1 February.

Aldi’s lowest warehouse pay rate, received by cleaners, will be £11.52 an hour. 

It follows two raises for Aldi warehouse workers in 2022 and means they will earn 20% more than in January last year.

The raise will benefit about 7,000 logistics workers, with warehouse selectors making up most of the roles, according to Aldi.

Aldi was one of a number of supermarkets to raise entry-level pay for store workers twice last year amid soaring inflation. Aldi’s latest raise took minimum hourly pay for store workers to £11 nationally and £12.45 within the M25 from 1 January. 

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Aldi said the new raise for warehouse workers brought its investment in pay over the past 12 months to over £100m.

“Just as we promise our customers that we will do all we can to support them, we are equally committed to supporting our amazing Aldi colleagues – as we remain the highest-paying supermarket in the UK,” said Aldi UK & Ireland CEO Giles Hurley.

“This announcement recognises the hard work and contribution our colleagues make in serving communities across the country and it’s down to them that we are able to ensure our customers can access fresh affordable food, every single day.”

Aldi has also confirmed there will be new support for staff receiving fertility treatment, with up to two days’ paid leave to be offered per cycle of treatment.

Aldi latest’s raise for shopworkers makes it the highest-paying supermarket based on entry-level store worker rates. However, its national rate is soon to be matched, with Sainsbury’s having recently announced its store workers would also receive a minimum £11 an hour from February. 

In London, Aldi store workers will still earn more, with their £12.45 an hour exceeding Sainsbury’s new rate in the capital of £11.95. 

Along with Co-op, Aldi is also one of only two remaining major grocers to offer store workers paid breaks.

Lidl also twice raised hourly pay last year as it competes with Aldi for labour to feed expansion. Lidl’s latest raise brought its minimum hourly rates for all store and warehouse staff to £10.90 nationally and £11.95 inside the M25 from 1 October.