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Aldi said the mistletoe gesture in Skegness was an ‘olive branch of peace’

Aldi is trolling M&S again in response to the upmarket grocer’s latest legal action against the discounter over allegations of copying.

Having teased M&S with series of tweets over its latest claims, Aldi has erected a ‘Kiss and make up?’ sign outside an M&S Foodhall.

The sign, along with mistletoe, has been hung from a 10ft structure between neighbouring Aldi and M&S stores in Skegness.

In papers filed with the High Court last week, M&S argued the designs of Aldi’s gold flake clementine gin liqueur and gold flake blackberry gin liqueur were too similar to its own registered designs.

Aldi trolled M&S mercilessly over a claim it launched earlier in the year, alleging similarities between the two retailers’ ‘caterpillar cakes’. It led to the hashtag #Gingate trending on Twitter and earned Aldi’s Cuthbert the Caterpillar a cameo role in the discounter’s Christmas ad, being led away cuffed by police.

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Aldi has ramped up the trolling again in a series of tweets since the latest claim emerged on Thursday, calling the new row ‘#FreeCuthbert #Round2’ and declaring its ‘ginnocence’.

“Our lawyers gonna be so rich they be shopping in @marksandspencer soon,” Aldi wrote in one tweet.

Another compared the prices of the two retailers’ gins, at £20 for M&S’s and £13.99 for Aldi’s.


An Aldi spokeswoman said the mistletoe gesture in Skegness was an “olive branch of peace”.

Skegness Aldi store manager Ryan Rushen said: “It’s been a tricky year for everyone, so we didn’t want to end it on a sour note with our neighbours.

“Hopefully, our little gesture will show that there are no hard feelings from our side, and to have a good Christmas, you need to be kind. We are yet to hear back from them however.”