New Aldi logo

Aldi’s new logo is already in use in China

Aldi is set to get a new logo as part of a worldwide revamp of the discounter’s corporate identity.

The new logo, revealed by German parent company Aldi Süd last week, is already in use in China and will be rolled out to other countries in the coming months. A spokeswoman for Aldi UK confirmed the logo would be coming to the UK but said no timeframe had been set at this stage.

Aldi Süd said the new logo complemented Aldi’s increasingly modern image. “The fresh, visual presentation of the new logo is an ideal fit with the current modernisation process at Aldi Süd,” said communications director Kirsten Geß.

Aldi stressed the new logo would remain instantly recognisable despite the tweaks made to the design, with the Aldi Süd colours being retained.

The original version of Aldi’s current logo was created back in 1982 . It was last updated in 2006. Prior to that, the company has lived through various logo iterations (see below), including under the Albrecht name originally used in its home market of Germany.

While Aldi stressed the modern quality of its new logo, some design experts were less than convinced. Tony Lock, MD of Sherlock Studio, said he found the new logo ”over-considered, over-engineered, over-coloured and underwhelming”.

Lock added: ”The design goes in a completely different direction to the minimalist, simplified and retro approach we’re seeing applied to other major identity overhauls at the moment. Take The Co-operative, Mastercard and even Juventus Football Club, for example. Instead, Aldi’s new logo is brassy - with its diagonal sash of high-gloss reflection – which feels rather at odds with its status as a discount retailer.”

Aldi logo through the ages

How the Aldi logo has evolved since 1948