A new drink that claims to help the body prepare to process toxins before drinking alcohol is hoping to tap into the growing functional drink sector.

Alibi, which launched into pubs and bars at the end of last year, is made from a blend of spring water, milk thistle, artichoke, gingko extracts, vitamins and amino acids. It will launch into the off-trade later this year.

"We believe this is the world's first active 'pretox' drink," said creator Oliver Bolton. "The innovation lies in its distinct difference from detox products and regimes, which are geared to deal with toxins at a later stage."

The drink can be consumed on its own or with a mixer, says Bolton, who set up Solution Sciences to market and distribute the drink. His backers include former board members of Seagram Distillers, Chivas and The Glenlivet.

"Alibi is a new proposition for consumers looking for drinks with added health benefits," he said.