Alpro is hoping to take the brand to a wider audience and breathe life into the slowing soya market with a new campaign focusing on wellbeing.

The 2008 Year of Wellbeing campaign is Alpro's most significant to date and will involve 16 months of activity, kicking off now. It will be predominantly conducted online via a social networking site offering advice as well as podcasts, web chats and blogs from experts.

Consumers can fill in an online questionnaire to find out their wellbeing score, which will then be used to set out daily personalised wellbeing steps. Alpro is also looking for 100 wellbeing ambassadors, who it will follow throughout the year.

With a 55% volume share, the £60m business needed to lead the way to drive new growth in the category, said commercial director John Allaway. "Our sales have slowed but the whole market is slowing down. This is about taking wellbeing to the next audience."

Consumers will be prompted to register for the programme in Alpro's biannual Wellbeing magazine, which will go national for the first time this autumn - almost tripling distribution to 890,000 through inserts in The Times on Saturday. It also kicked off an advertorial campaign this week, which will run until 8 October in key titles for 24 to 44-year olds and 55-plus women such as You, Closer, OK!, Prima and Reader's Digest.

Alpro will be targeting 250,000 consumers with an email campaign to drive registration next month and target new audiences such as sports interest groups.

The campaign includes banner ads on The Guardian and The Times websites, and other women's interest sites, as well as sampling at train stations and TV spots next year. The online content is aimed at women and men to capture the growing interest from men in health issues.

Allaway added that there would be NPD in new categories next year. "Next year is a very important for us. It's about growing sales through NPD and above-the-line activity."