Fletchers Group of Bakeries has unveiled a brand new £7m production facility in Sheffield.

MP David Blunkett (above, right) officially opened the new premises, which will supply fresh and frozen, white, brown and seeded bread rolls to retail and food service customers.

The new facility was developed following a multimillion-pound land sale to Sainsbury’s and houses two production lines and a new cold store, despatch area and site entrance.

“I’ve seen plenty of change here over the years but this new plant is extraordinary when I think back to my early years in the bakery,” said Gordon Maclean (above, left), a retired employee who began work at the site in 1963 aged 15, and opened the building alongside Blunkett.

“Everything we produced then was despatched on wooden trays which you wouldn’t be able to use in a modern facility… I think it’s marvellous to see the factory investing in a new production facility after so many years.”

Under the current management, The Fletchers Group has moved from an operating loss of almost £10m in 2007-8 to an operating profit of £0.6m in the last financial year.