A supplier has taken a leaf out of Ikea’s book with the launch of ‘flat-packed’ pop-up porridge pots.

Porridge brand Grasshopper is set to roll out a range of compressible porridge pots that are just 45mm high - suitable for carrying in briefcases and handbags - but spring out to normal cup size when the top is taken off. It has two patents pending on the design and aims to trade mark the name The Hopper Pot.

On shelf in June, the porridge pots are set to be followed by a soup range in the same format - the company’s first foray outside the porridge aisle.

The format marks a relaunch for the Grasshopper brand, which launched four years ago and has been available in Waitrose and Wholefoods.

The new pots, which Grasshopper claimed to be a world first, had been recognised by buyers as a “truly innovative product”, said MD Helen Cooper. With plans to extend the brand into several other categories, Cooper predicted Grasshopper would become a £6m property in the next five years.

“Our packaging and the demand for convenient ‘just add water’ products puts us in a strong position,” she said.

The porridge will be available in two formats - standard porridge pots and a sub-range that comes with a topping in a separate container in the lid (rsp: £1.29 and £1.49 respectively).

The porridge line-up comprises raisin & cinnamon, coconut & date and a plain variant, while the two ‘topper’ products come with raisin & granola or apricot & cherry toppings.

Set to roll out in September, the soup range is likely to include tomato & Swiss cheese, mushroom & chervil and lentil & coconut, although full details have yet to be finalised.