Batchelors Deli Box
: May 2012
Manufacturer: Premier Foods
Premier Foods makes no bones of the fact that this six-strong range of noodles and pasta meals is targeting women. Not only does it flag up the fact that each 75g meal contains less than 2% fat, it has also packaged them in New York-style cardboard takeaway boxes “to demonstrate quality and relevance” - and given them a name that’s more ladylike than the decidedly laddish Super Noodles.

Noodles To Go
: Autumn 2012
Manufacturer: Tiger Tiger
Tiger Tiger is aiming to straddle the market with this three-strong range of microwaveable Thai rice noodles, pitching them as both snacks and meal accompaniments - and also highlighting their gluten-free credentials. The packs (rsp: £1.59) aren’t listed yet, but the company says it is “in advanced discussions” with several major retailers.

Ko-Lee Super Chow Mein
: August 2012
Manufacturer: Kohlico
Kohlico is rolling out this flavour - designed to taste “just like takeaway chow mein” - as part of a wider relaunch of its Ko-Lee instant noodles. The pared-down range, now with multiple seasoning sachets for “enhanced flavour”, also includes Xtreme Hot & Spicy and Chicken Special (which can be eaten straight from the pack as a dry snack).

Nest noodles twin pack
: January 2012
Manufacturer: Blue Dragon
The growing ranks of small households - and the need to help bamboozled Brits grasp portion control - prompted Blue Dragon to roll out these first-to-market packs of egg noodle nests, in wholewheat, fine and medium varieties. The company recommends them for smaller c-stores “where consumers are more likely to shop last-minute”.