Rude Health cereals

Rude Health has ditched the ‘brown paper look’.

Rude Health has overhauled its portfolio with new packs and NPD as part of plans to grow from a £3m to £5m brand.

In its first relaunch in five years, the brand has replaced its ‘brown paper bag look’ with bright new packaging designed to emphasise the brand’s health credentials. The new look, which will be introduced across the portfolio in the next few months, makes its debut on a duo of NPD - Spelt Flakes (£2.49/300g) and Just Nuts Crunchy Muesli (rsp:£3.99/450g), rolling into Waitrose next week.

Further NPD planned includes grain-based snacking bars and an extension of its veg-based bars. The brand’s dairy-free milk range (rsp: £1.99/one-litre) also hits Waitrose next week.