Danish bacon has a strong tradition of marketing its brand in the UK. And next year it looks set to return to the small screen with a new campaign that will build on its long history of tongue-in-cheek marketing. John Howard, marketing director of the Danish Bacon & Meat Council, can throw up a whole battery of statistics that prove how this sustained investment has built a brand with 91% consumer awareness. Howard is also at pains to stress this brand awareness has been achieved without resorting to the sort of shock tactics employed by the MLC last year. It may be old news in the UK, but that campaign clearly still annoys the Danes. They also believe farmers in this country still fail to appreciate that the quality assurance scheme run in Denmark is as good as its UK equivalent. In fact, they argue, Denmark is streets ahead on issues such as environmental protection, the banning of antibiotic growth promoters and the control of salmonella. Impressive stuff. But Howard says such detail interests very few consumers. Instead, he argues, most people trust retailers and food suppliers to deliver to good standard. And most people instinctively know Danish is good bacon, he says. So DBMC plans to continue underpinning that instinctive support of consumers next year with new tv ads, tactical marketing and promotions across the trade. "We try to create a personality for Danish bacon. It's good bacon that people enjoy eating and that's the essence of everything we do," Howard adds. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}