Wilkinson Sword has signed up tennis ace Andre Agassi to front the marketing campaign for Xtreme III, its latest razor launch. Xtreme III is positioned to combine the performance of system razors with the convenience of disposable razors. With three blades, a pivoting head, rubberised handle and lubricating strip, it claims to give as good a shave as systems, but without the need to change blades. Marketing director Richard Nall said Wilkinson Sword would “shake up the market and become the pioneer of this new, dynamic shaving category”. Aimed at 16 to 35-year-old men, it is estimated to be worth £12m in its first year. Agassi will appear in a £4m TV campaign ­ which shows images of him shaving his head ­ scheduled for May and June. He will also appear on PoS in store. Other marketing activity includes a sampling campaign and cross promotional deals with other brands. Xtreme III comes in a two pack (rsp: £2.49), four pack (rsp: £4.49) and eight pack (rsp: £7.99). {{MARKETING - P&P }}