Following in Müller's footsteps, another German yogurt giant has its sights set on the UK market. Erhmann, Germany's largest fruit yogurt brand [18% share/ACNielsen], has set up a sales and distribution operation in the UK through the Wright Partnership. It is launching two product ranges in the children's and luxury yogurt sectors. Crackle Pots is a 125g split pot in four flavours (strawberry, raspberry, cola, and bubble gum) with popping candy, rsp 59p. It takes more than a 31% share [AC Nielsen] of the German children's sector. Adore is a luxury yogurt in four flavours with chocolate flakes (150g, rsp 59p) targeted at women. The Wright Partnership's Chris Wright says three multiples will be listing the products nationally from May. Adore is being supported by a £250,000 TV and women's interest media campaign. Senoble, one of France's largest manufacturers of dairy desserts and a UK own label producer for 15 years, has launched three French luxury pot desserts under the Senoble brand. It says the premium market is moving towards continental desserts, and is ready for its Charlotte recipes made with finger biscuits, fromage frais, fruit and chocolate (rsp 99p-£1.45 for two-pack). Waitrose and Sainsbury are listing the range. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}