A new range of environmentally friendly packaging has been launched by Ardo UK.

The new packaging film disintegrates in four years in a landfill site, not the 100 years taken by conventional plastic packaging, according to the Kent-based fruit and vegetable specialist. The packaging will carry nutrition information, feature the 5-a-day logo and include recipe ideas to encourage consumers to experiment.

The revamped packs will initially be launched in Booths and Makro, but Ardo intends to use the packaging for all its products in the near future and supply it to its other major customers.

"We wanted to give our products a fresh and eye-catching appeal and also help the environment by limiting the use of conventional plastics," said Ardo's UK's marketing manager Simon Baxter. "The new packaging has also given us an opportunity to introduce customers to a wider range of products through innovative recipes - which is important in these health- conscious days."