There’s widespread love for Asda’s transparency drive – it’s basically a publicity stunt but it’s certainly done the trick. The Guardian and Daily Telegraph look on enthusiastically.

But The Times is more interested in chief executive Andy Bond’s pledge that he won’t pitch up at Marks & Spencer when Sir Stuart finally does one. That’s also the line taken by the Independent and the Financial Times.

Talking of M&S, the Daily Mail reports that the retailer has suspended plans to axe its famed 90-day returns policy.

Elsewhere in the FT, news that rival brewing giants SABMiller and Heineken are lining up to buy Latin American drinks group Femsa.

And the pink paper reports on the demise of Wine Cellar, which slipped into administration yesterday. The Daily Mirror also has the story.

The Telegraph says Nestlé is to stop buying milk off the Mugabe family, which seems like probably a good move from a PR point of view.

The latest Tesco-bashing ‘story’ in the Daily Mail comes after the supermarket supposedly ID’d a youthful-looking shopper for trying to buy spoons.

Domino’s Pizza continues to make hay during the recession as punters do their dining at home. The Guardian and Mirror both take a look, implying some sort of link between enthusiasm for pizza and left-leaning politics. No wonder the Communists get so many votes in Italy.

And back with the Cadbury-Kraft saga, the UK confectioner is facing legal action from a US shareholder for not giving the £10.2bn bid sufficient consideration.

Have a good weekend.