Asda is set to roll out its Butcher's Selection range to meat joints after the initial launch in beef steaks led to a 50% spike in sales.

Butcher's Selection steaks which are matured for 15 days and trimmed of excess fat were introduced in July 2011, backed by a television campaign fronted by Jim Viggars, Asda's head of meat quality. Asda said it had sold more than three quarters of a million more steaks in the first six weeks post launch, an increase of more than 50% on the previous six weeks.

"In the past 18 months, we've made huge strides in the quality of our food, and Butcher's Selection is a major step forward," said Barry Williams, Asda's fresh food commercial director. Rump steak had proven the most popular steak in the range, Asda said.

Butcher's Selection would be rolled out to pork, gammon, beef and lamb joints from 19 September, it added.