Asda upgrade program

Source: Asda

Asda has announced a £50m store upgrade programme, which it said would lead to an improved shopping experience for customers in its larger supermarkets and superstores.

The programme, starting at the Long Eaton store in Nottingham, will cover 170 stores in total and is expected to complete by the end of November.

Asda said 50 larger stores would receive major upgrades, including the introduction of new in-store services and features.

They will include new George departments in some stores, new foyers, seasonal aisles, food-to-go services, counters and improvements to flooring and lighting.

The remaining 120 stores will receive refreshed exterior and interior decoration to reflect Asda’s recent new brand identity updated logo, typography and colour palette.

The stores, including the likes of Coventry, Altrincham, Dundee and Charlton, will also receive new trolley bays, signage, improved toilet facilities and exterior landscaping work.

Asda said all stores would remain open during the period.

“We are always looking at ways in which we can improve the overall experience for our customers and this programme is one of the many ways we are actively doing that,” said Ian Brackenbury, senior director of construction & implementation at Asda.

“Starting with our supermarkets and superstores, this significant investment allows us to upgrade our stores by launching new and exciting services, whilst making significant improvements to the existing components of our established stores.

“This programme marks another exciting milestone moment for us on our journey and underpins our continued commitment to ensuring Asda is set up for long-term success.”