asda fareshare

  • All large Asda stores are now donating food via the FareShare Go scheme

  • Donated products are collected by charities and distributed to community groups and vulnerable people


Asda has donated more than 800,000 meals to charities since 1 March to people affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

In partnership with food redistribution charity FareShare, Asda has been donating food directly to charities and community groups via its back-of-store food donation scheme.

It said food such as non-chilled fruit, vegetables and eggs, dented tins and bread products were proving a lifeline for charities during the crisis.

All large Asda stores are now donating food via the FareShare Go scheme and it is being rolled out in smaller supermarkets to help support more organisations throughout the pandemic.

The products are collected by charities and distributed, helping vulnerable people and saving food waste.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on charities and the people who rely on them,” said Asda zero waste senior manager Karen Todd.

“We are delighted to be able to help in any way we can and will continue to look at ways we can support those in our local communities. The scheme also means we are minimising food waste which, as a company, we are passionate about eradicating.”

FareShare CEO Lindsay Boswell added: “We’re incredibly thankful to Asda for their continued efforts in redistributing surplus food from stores because this is needed by people now more than ever. The coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on a lot of charities and community organisations, with increased demand as more families face financial hardship.”