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Asda has become the second retailer to remove cartoon characters from its cereals. The move will see the rollout of 12 revised cereals and cereal bar packs including Malted Wheaties, Rice Snaps Cereal Bars and Unicorn Hoops online and in store on 24 February.

The removal of cereal mascots aims to “reduce pester power and help parents across the UK make informed choices about their children’s diets” said the retailer. It forms part of its “long-term effort to tackle obesity” which includes the removal of over a quarter of the sugar content from its own brand cereals over the past five years and the launch of a new Live Better icon, signposting healthier options across its range.

“Retailers play a crucial role in helping customers make more informed choices in the supermarket. We want to inspire customers to make healthier everyday choices,” said Asda nutritionist Beth Fowler.

The news follows a similar announcement from Lidl earlier this month, with the discounter stating all cartoon characters would be erased from its cereal lineup by spring.