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Asda is rewarding its staff with a new e-vouchers scheme

Asda has launched a new e-vouchers scheme to reward staff under its colleague recognition programme.

The Asda Stars programme, launched in 2013, allows colleagues to earn rewards and nominate each other for recognition through a website and mobile app.

The new vouchers element means staff can redeem the rewards instantly in store on their staff discount cards.

The initiative was designed to improve the reward experience for the retailer’s 150,000 colleagues and since its launch in mid-October has attracted over £17,000 worth of redemptions.

“We are thrilled with the feedback from stores since the launch of e-vouchers. Managers now have a way of rewarding teams instantly, colleagues can redeem these rewards easily, and it’s really going to make a difference to colleague engagement,” said Asda reward manager Angela Woodward.

There are over 70,000 Asda colleagues registered on the Asda Stars programme.

Phil Dunk, CEO of River, the agency which runs the scheme, said: “The launch of e-vouchers will change the shape of Asda Stars. Earning and redeeming rewards is just one part of any engagement programme, but improving this experience to make it instant, simple and seamless means rewards won’t take away from that buzz of receiving recognition from a manager or peer. Ultimately we want Asda’s culture of appreciation to be as free-flowing as possible and this certainly helps.”