Asda is seeking six suppliers to take part in an instore digital screen media trial in two stores.
A number of suppliers, including Procter & Gamble, are already committed to the trial, which will take place in Asda’s Wembley and York superstores in August and is the retailer’s first foray into this emerging media channel.
The initiative will be run from Asda’s media centre, set up on March 1 and outsourced to its creative agency Publicis. The media centre is a one-stop shop for all Asda’s media opportunities.
“We have 20 different mediums on offer,” said media centre director Sarah Broadfield. “We help suppliers find the right mechanism for optimising their brand in Asda and help them get more out of their media investment. The key is to drive sales for Asda and its suppliers by making it easier to unlock revenue streams that, perhaps, were not available before.”
Broadfield said she was seeking suppliers to work on a category-exclusive basis for the instore screen advertising trial. The deadline for interested parties is Friday July 2.
Asda has opted for a strategic model similar to that of Spar, which is about to roll out instore screen media following a successful trial. “We see it as live point of purchase advertising, with a short, sharp message. It will not be entertainment in any shape or form,” Broadfield said.
The plasma screens will be sited at eye level
and two propositions will be tested: placing the screens in different aisles in one store and in the power aisle in the other. Asda will also be testing promotional messages on a time of day basis and by shopper type.
“As we are a fast follower in this, rather than a leader, we have been able to benefit from lessons from the Spar and Tesco installations,” said Broadfield.
Like Spar the retailer has involved industry association POPAI, which has helped Asda put together a research plan. The research, conducted by RMS, will provide independent verification of the pilot’s success.