Asda's new slimzone range

Asda is targeting Slimming World dieters with a new range of frozen dishes it claims is 50p cheaper than the equivalent competitor product.

Debuting today, Slimzone comprises 13 frozen meals and meat products that can be incorporated by those following the weight loss organisation’s Extra Easy Plan.

Asda said the range, which has not been endorsed or tested by Slimming World, was developed after customer insight identified a ‘gap in the market’ to make it both easier and cheaper for customers looking to stay on track with a controlled weight loss programme.

Chicken and prawn paella, chicken tikka masala, cottage pie, beef & three bean chilli and individual meat products including sausages are among the dishes in the selection, which has a retail price of £2.50 each for a 500g pack.

“We know a large number of our customers are on the Slimming World diet, or are just looking to make healthier choices in the new year, so Slimzone is a great option when trying to stay on track with weight loss and products they can trust,” said Asda senior director for frozen Hannah Munns.

“Based on the demand for this product and the competitive price we’re confident that the range will save our customers the right combination of inches and pounds.”