British jams and relishes brand Clippy's Apples has secured listings with Asda and Booths.

Clippy's six savoury lines, which include apple, tomato & roasted garlic relish, and apple, redcurrant & chilli jelly (rsp: from £2.39), have this week gone on shelf in 88 Asdas in the Cheshire-based brand's north west heartland.

From 17 April, Clippy's savoury and sweet lines, including apple & fig jam, will be rolling into Booths stores.

Sales of the range have grown by more than 200% since the start of the year, according to founder Michelle McKenna, who said Clippy's products offered "versatile and healthier alternatives to sugary brands".

"Our products are much higher in fruit content than any of our competitors', which allows for lots of usage and recipe ideas," she added. "They are not just for toast."