from an Asda supplier, name and address supplied

Sir; It was interesting to read the transcript of Andy Bond’s rant at Asda suppliers for not supporting his buyers (The Grocer, October 29, p36). But before he criticises the suppliers he perhaps should have a good look in-house at his buyers.
Regularly we see new buyers who have no knowledge and, in some instances, no interest in the particular category they have been moved to begin by making changes to ranges without any consultation with the supplier. In many cases the supplier is much more knowledgeable than the buyer about what is happening in the marketplace and has worked extremely hard with the previous buyer to launch a range of products.
Any agreements made with the previous buyer are immediately discarded and a red pen taken through a newly launched range. Within the past 12 months, small frozen food suppliers have been delisted, then relisted, then delisted again as the buying team has changed.
How on earth are we supposed to run our business when we are at the mercy of such inconsiderate morons?
What is even more galling is that they never reply to e-mails or telephone calls, even when told the information required is urgent. If we suppliers treated them with such contempt we would soon be summoned to Leeds to be reprimanded.
As a smallish supplier to Asda, we have given 100% and more commitment to them by way of promotional activity and NPD ideas.
However, two of the last four buyers have treated us like pariahs and, as a result, our business has suffered badly.
Come on Asda - give us all a break!