Asda has the most devoted shoppers visiting its stores, while Tesco ranks highest in the loyalty stakes for shoppers who combine use of its stores, web site and loyalty scheme. Exclusive research from relationship marketing agency, Carlson Marketing Group, revealed that Asda customers were the most loyal to their store (57%) followed by Safeway customers (41%), Sainsbury (34%) and Tesco (25%). But these figures were reversed when shoppers also used other contact points, such as a web site or loyalty scheme. Tesco picked up 45% of the vote, followed by Sainsbury (21%), Safeway (12%) and Asda (10%). Only 32% of Tesco-loyal customers shopped at two or more other supermarkets, while 44% of Sainsbury-loyal shoppers used two or more other supermarkets. Safeway had 53% and Asda, 24%. The survey also revealed that, generally, shoppers were increasingly less loyal to supermarkets, with more than half the 1,000 people surveyed professing no commitment to a store ­ up from a quarter last year. The under-35s showed a great deal of brand commitment to supermarkets, with 43% of them saying they were more loyal to stores than their bank. Shoppers in the south of England were most likely to feel emotionally attached to their supermarket and the most committed socio-economic group was the high earning ABs, which last year was ranked as the least loyal, whereas DE shoppers who come top last year, came bottom of the league. Respondents rated the top four service factors that would encourage loyalty as: the store apologises if they get something wrong (64%); I get treated well whoever I am dealing with (54%); the store is prepared to make an extra effort (53%); staff seem genuinely interested in helping (53%). {{NEWS }}