Asda secured victory again this week, undercutting nearest rival Morrisons by 45p. It made three reductions: the Hula Hoops by 2p, Marmite 9p and Seeds of Change sauce 1p. A promotion ended on the iceberg lettuce and fruit scones, which were up 40p and 18p.

Morrisons crept up to second. It began two new promotions, knocking £1 per 500g off the lamb chops and 29p off the iceberg lettiuce. It took a penny off Quorn Chicken Style Pieces and Stella Artois and added 2p to vegetable oil and Robinsons Whole Orange.

Tesco slipped to third, with a basket 2p more expensive than Morrisons’. Three promotions ended, adding 37p to iceberg lettuce, 89p to pineapple and 11p to Scotch eggs. There was also a 19p hike on Trebor Extra Strong Mints. It knocked 28p off Weetabix in a new promotion and 8p off Hula Hoops.

Sainsbury's made no hikes and remained in fourth place. It cut the iceberg lettuce by 10p and vegetable oil 6p, and there were 1p reductions on the Quorn Pieces and Seeds of Change sauce. Waitrose’s basket cost £9.05 more than Asda’s. A promotion ended on Stella Artois, upping it by £1.67, and it added 41p to Trebor Extra Strong mints. It knocked 4p off the in-store bakery loaf and 25p per 500g off lamb chops.