Despite making three hikes and only one reduction, Asda took first place this week, although its basket came in only 16p cheaper than that of second-placed Morrisons. Asda's Baileys (£11.97), bananas (85p), Tilda mushroom rice (£1) and Wall's Mini Milks (£1.77) were all the cheapest, and the retailer offered 10 items on promotion.

Coming a very close second, Morrisons offered a greater number of cheapest items than Asda and the same number of promotions. Its Seeds of Change sauce (£1.45), honeydew melon (£1) and Warburtons loaf (80p) were the cheapest. Overall, Morrisons offered the most savings, as the same basket of goods would have cost £2.32 more last week.

With a basket £2.08 cheaper than Sainsbury's, Tesco was in third place. The pork pies (£1.38), parma ham (£1.59) and Anchor butter (£1) were the cheapest, with a promotion on the Anchor taking 38p off the price this week.

With only one cheapest item cider vinegar at 89p Sainsbury's slipped to fourth. The retailer made one reduction, taking 49p off the Harpic limescale remover.

Waitrose offered two cheapest items: Broccoli florets (£1.15) and Robinsons squash (90p) but, with only two promotions and no price reductions, the retailer was fifth.

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